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W.e.f 18th May 2012 the nomenclature of both of the programmes conducted by SCMLD are

SCMLD's Programme in Executive Leadership (SPEL)

SCMLD's Advanced Programme in Executive Leadership (SAPEL)

in place of PGPEL and APEL respectively. Both the above are self certifying programmes of 10 to 11 months duration. That is, SCMLD issues its own certificates and not diplomas or degrees which can be awarded only by Govt/Universities. Therefore whereever PGPEL appears please read it as SPEL & where ever APEL appears please read it as SAPEL.


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Qimpro Gold Standard Award 2012 for Education to

Prof. M.S.Pillai

(Second from left amongst other award winners)

1st February 2012.


Flying High At Sadhana


SCMLD will be of help to you only if you are willing to undertake the journey together with us. But flying you will have to do youself. No one can do it for you. It requires derermination, strenght, stamina, clarity of the path, time, and destination, intentions and attentions to details.

SCMLD Vision

To be a universally respected "Leadership Gurukulam" sculpting principled and inspiring performers and business leaders towards spreading prosperity, peace, harmony, hygiene, happiness and positive relationships around...


Community Work

SCMLD students do community work which is approved and monitored by the institute. This is also forms a one credit course and it is an essential part of learning. This is to develop responsible and responsive leadership, social sensitivity, awareness, humaneness and respect for life.


Meditation of 40 minutes and relaxation of 30-40 minutes are a daily routine. Each student in SCMLD has to be there in these to stay fit and stress free. This is addition to work-out and yoga.

National Seminars

The seminars are conducted by a group of students per trimester. Each is to learn organising and managing high value events and to learn and receive wisdom from practicing professionals from business & industry.



• SCMLD's Programme in Executive Leadership (SPEL)


• SCMLD's Advanced Programme in Executive Leadership (SAPEL)

The SPEL and SAPEL of SCMLD are self certifying skill building courses for employability in private sector and / or entrepreneurship.

SCMLD's PEL and APEL are unique programmes outside the conventional system. It is a private initiative with no recognition or approval from or affiliation to any government, statutory bodies or universities)



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