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Holistic grooming



SCMLD strives to add value, for your money, time and efforts provided you put in your efforts sincerely


SCMLD grooms its students to bring out the best in each one of them provided that a student wants to be so and participate in as many learning activities as possible. Simply being at SCMLD is not going to help.


Intellectual inputs
A course curriculum delivered through class sessions, case studies, seminars, assignments, book reviews and so on-are available at most of the institutes. This enhances student’s knowing. However leadership is vision, mission, purpose, context and execution centric. To be competent one has to be physically fit & healthy, mentally alert, emotionally stable, intuitive, creative, positive, intellectually sharp, scientific, analytical, enthusiastic and risk taking with faith and conviction. This calls for total development of the individual. A leader is the one who has a vision, can convert it into specific missions, objectives and action programmes and through people & processes make things happen the way they should happen and keep them happening the way they should be. This calls for total grooming rather than teaching and testing, knowledge alone. The process - from books to the teachers’ head - over the heads of students - to answer sheets to marks - for nothing original, only produces mass unemployables behaving like circus animals in standardised formats. A person behaves / acts according the level of his awareness, perception, beliefs, knowledge, judgement, knowhow, habits, learning, attitude and so on. Rote learning does not even touch any of these to prepare students to make well informed and appropriate decisions. Rote learning produces impulsive, reactive, uninformed, instinct driven, routine instruction oriented behaviours. Whereas, depending upon place, time, state of affairs and people involved, what is needed to be done should be decided and done. Here one has to act ethically, independently, intelligently, rationally and scientifically. For this someone’s knowledge read and reproduced in exam papers is not going to help. One has to develop one’s own ‘wisdom’, confidence and competency. That will only make the action appropriate. Hence SCMLD creates situations challenging the conditioned mind-sets of its students for them to think and question themselves. This ability to decide, deliver & make things happen as it should be, with no ego of stature, intellectual superiority, wealth, position, societal status, name, fame or success, has to be developed along with the innocence / transparency of a child. Then only the leadership which moves people positively by inspiring them and being an inspiration oneself can be developed. Then things will happen without stress in an effortless natural way and the leadership of enough & abundance will emerge. This is the Gandhian approach that there is enough to satisfy the needs of everyone and not greed of any. For a leader less is more. For a dealer more is less. Hence the turmoil in the society.


The year(s) at SCMLD can make students shed inhibitions, accept realities as they are and get empowered to work effectively through teamwork and partnership, to make things happen / execute ideas. Delivering outcome through effective execution on time, in quality, at lowest cost using least minimum resources, faster, and offering great value addition to customers is the essence of business. For this, appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude, aptitude, ability and capacity are required. That is called competency. Competency does not come by just knowing or saying. Therefore it is important that candidates come prepared to go through all the crucibles at SCMLD. We do not guarantee comforts at all. But we guarantee discomforts, deadlines, penalties etc if you do not work with commitment and time. No amount of excuses shall be of any help in shaping up. To build muscle and strength, heavyweight has to be lifted against gravity.


Holistic Health Workshop
Every batch will be put through a three day holistic health workshop conducted by qualified, experienced and accomplished medical practitioners who are also persons of high spiritual attainments working towards a better society.


The 10 Day Vipassana Camp
In the month of September / October, students may undergo an inner journey of 10 days Vipassana meditation to experience the true being of oneself and gain freedom from the fallacious past, illusions of the present and anxieties of the future. If one utilises these 10 days in silence with a childlike innocence, attentiveness and being non-judgemental but exploring oneself, it will be a rebirth towards enlightened leadership. If vipassana is not possible there are alternatives as follows.


Dynamic Meditation, Art of Living, Siddha Samadhi or Kriya Yogas
Students may be exposed to one or two of these systems as well, for one to keep the one method which one likes most, to practice daily in life. Every system has its own benefits and advantages in addition to the universal benefit of being with oneself.


According to WHO “Health is more than absence of disease”. Health is a state of optimal well-being. Optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness- physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and material.


Talent Displays
One evening of every month is for students to express themselves. Winning is not important. It is contextual. But playing 100% and performing to one's best is more important. Seeking appreciation means one is slavish to someone else's approval. But if one does appreciable work, appreciation is spontaneous. Manufactured appreciation is not appreciation. Therefore if one keeps expressing oneself 100% in positive activities, what one deserves will come searching for him.


Out Bounds
One day of every month, students may be taken to the lap of nature to facilitate connecting to it and learning from its perfection and mysteries. “Clean up your mirror and nature will reflect in full, for you to see. You don't see does not mean it is not there. Probably it did not appear to you”. It is a real learning experience. Nature is 'Guru' to all of us. If this is not done students will be often taken for value adding or self-discovering camps, movies or other learning events. It is important to wonder about the mysteries of nature. Wondering leads to curiosity which then leads to breakthrough ideas and actions. Rote learning cannot stimulate any of these inherent qualities. In fact it keeps the human talent & potential leashed, leading to disuse atrophy.


Continuous Industry Interaction through Mini Seminars, Entrepreneurs’ / CEOs Meet, Pre-Convocation National Seminars (PGPEL & APEL respectively), Foundation day & Functional Seminar, HR Meet, Workshops & Guest Sessions and sending students to participate in Outside Seminars are regular features of SCMLD.


Convocation (APEL)
Scheduled from 6.15 PM to 8.30 PM on second or third Sunday of April after the seminar every year, it is organised entirely by the junior students. This calls for trust, faith, accuracy, and extreme sense of responsibility. The last exam / re-exam would have happened barely ten days before the convocation. The CGPA calculations, transparency of the process, handling queries, selecting awardees and prize winners, wording certificates, styling, presenting and organising the ceremony etc. will take the teams through the toughest challenges of maintaining accuracy, patience, perseverance, commitment, time management and all what it is to be, to be an effective and proactive executive / entrepreneurial leader.


Convocation (PGPEL)
This will be held on the second or third Sunday of July after the functional seminar. The same process as in the case of APEL, is followed to organise this by freshers.


Participation in Sports and Cultural activities
Participation in events hosted by other institutions and organisations is for broadening perspectives and to learn from peers and build relationships.


This is a very important, expensive and time consuming activity. A team of staff and students work hard under the overall supervision of the director, faculty and an officer in charge, to ensure that all students seeking final placements and summer training, secure it by March every year. A score of 3 out of 5 in each activity is required to be eligible for placement. It is important that every student visits minimum 10 companies to have a feel of them. Just doing an internship in one company, or one project will not give the insight one can gain of visiting 10 companies and interacting with the HR of those organisations. Just being in the institute and not in the market will only create theoretical unemployable. Therefore company/organisation visits are compulsory with prior background research of such companies / organisations. It is an assignment.


Social and Community Work
Every student is expected to clock a minimum of 20 hours of community work approved and monitored by the institute, per trimester. This forms a one credit course and it is an essential part of learning. This is to develop responsible and responsive leadership, social sensitivity, awareness, humaneness and respect for life and the life sustaining environment.


Involvement in Entrance Examination Process
Will expose students to the importance of trustworthiness, sense of responsibility and commitment to the organisational purpose. They will experience 'extreme transparency' being practiced. This is to embolden them to be so in life, profession and careers.


Every student has to participate/conduct surveys - Consumer, Household, Dealer & Retailer, Lifestyle, Consumption, Saving, Discover India and Performing India surveys during trimesters as applicable and required.


Clean, Green Campus & Hostels
Students will be assigned zones and areas in and around the campus, and hostels for maintaining those areas clean and green at all times as applicable, to make the campus and hostels one's own.


Celebration of Festivals
Students can organise region, state and theme specific festival celebrations. These expose students to the wonderful diversities of culture, tradition, taste and ethos of our country.


Fellowship dinners, lunch / hi-tea etc. can also be organised periodically to celebrate individual or collective achievements or otherwise. 50% of the expenses for this should be by contribution.


Hurt / Feelings Management System
Gives an opportunity to students to express their feelings / hurt, if any. It clarifies and liberates students from carrying the burden of the unclarified and unverified assumptions, judgements, beliefs and conclusions. Human beings keep hurting themselves because of words, deeds, events and behaviour of others, which are not as expected. We want our students to be free from resentment and re-cycling bad memories. Most often "one manufactures one's own miseries". One must throw that garbage out. Right or wrong is not the issue. Not carrying resentment and hurt is more important. Hence this system at SCMLD.


Gift Box / Criticism
It is kept at the office. It is to receive suggestions and criticisms. Anyone can, drop what one wants to express, in the box. We shall use it for our improvement. The institute belongs to all not only to the trust.


Meditation & Relaxation
Meditation of 40 minutes and relaxation of 30 - 40 minutes are a daily routine. Each student has to be there in these to stay fit and stress free. This is in addition to work-out and yoga.


Right from drafting of the advertisement, entrance process to merit preparation, CGPA, ECGPA, convocation, selecting students for awards and prizes and so on have students’ involvement as partners. This gives a sense of ownership, develops trust and applied insights in students besides them experiencing responsibility and the ‘truth’ aspects of entrepreneurial and executive leadership. (See Students’ Audit Board and its Charter)
Students can have photocopies of their evaluated exam answer sheets on payment of Rs.100/-. Top scorer’s answer sheets will also be displayed in the library for students to compare and learn.


Rapid and Proactive Changes
SCMLD will change curriculum and processes as and when required. This is to make the students face challenges of change and thrive in unstructured and unpredictable situations. This is also to keep re-inventing SCMLD to stay on course and be a role model in its own unique way. Because of this, students may feel that things are unpredictable at SCMLD. Yes it is true. Come to face that dynamism.


Out of Box Activities:
Being a street vendor, working with a vendors and studying his business plans & strategies, and helping him/her grow/improve the business, preparing business plans, working with entrepreneurs, selling in retail stores, finding employment for the unemployed poor, earning by work minimum Rs.1000/- for pocket money per month, various other exercises like communicating without language... simulation etc. are original innovations of SCMLD to be learning crucibles for students. Fines if any imposed for deviations also has to be earned. Parents are advised to not send more than Rs.500/- as pocket money per month. Similarly, the re-exam fee of Rs.1500/- per subject also has to be earned by working. Parents are not to be penalised by wards who are wasting time.


Hospital Visits
Especially Govt. / Municipal hospitals, cancer wards / burn wards, OPDs, health centres etc. to realize realities and worth of life and living.


Entrepreneurial Contacts
To understand how entrepreneurs started, gained, lost & grew and the lessons learned etc. are to be understood by students.


At SCMLD active learning is the core. Not passive knowing via information. Students are to come prepared for all these learning by doing activities.


Students are to volunteer for these activities without seeking any in lieu concessions in attendance, exam, submissions etc.